MacBrickout - Carson Whitsett

"Your challenge is simple. Beat the game."

Enjoy this classic ball and paddle brick bashing game that has so much more: Radiation balls that slice through bricks with ease, bomb balls that take out everything in their path (even "indestructible" gold bricks!), an interactive "Umphee" creature in the sand that can send dead balls back into play, bonus levels that are both challenging and rewarding (you get a free ball and a special treasure for each one you complete), hidden fruits and vegetables scattered throughout the levels (if you find one, you get to keep it for the life of the app!), special achievements for doing something MacBrickout thinks is cool or tricky.

MacBrickout is a free download and will work on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Grab it and see if you can discover the value of the bubble gum ball, the power of the Red-X capsule and the location of the hidden grapes! (Some features mentioned are only available in the full version which can be enabled using in-app purchase from within the game.)

"This is my favorite game on my iPod Touch" - Ian R. (age 13)

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