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Is it a mobile app you need? How about an electronic device that does something spectacular? We determine the best technology for your idea.

Then we build it!

Ditty Labs specializes in native iOS App development and embedded hardware / firmware engineering including IoT prototyping and development.

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Ditty Labs was founded in San Diego, California in 2010 and we believed we could change the world.

We did.

We made it possible for people with injury and disability to improve their fine motor skills. We helped unlock the mysteries of the brain by inventing a new technology to acquire EEG signals. We helped advance an emerging cryptocurrency. We even made a fun word game that could improve your short term memory.

Ditty Labs is where creativity and engineering come together to make the world a better place. Our favorite projects are the ones involving hardware, firmware and app development.

GoPro invited us to work with their team to improve the quality of their flagship GoPro camera app. We helped develop their SDK for interfacing to the Hero 5 and added a new subscription feature called, "GoPro PLUS".

We can develop hardware and software based on the fabulous Raspberry Pi platform! We also have experience with ARM, 8051 and other embedded microcontrollers using Arduino, Keil, IAR Embedded Workbench and other IDEs.

We developed a low level BLE library to be used within their Breg FLEX app

We developed a low level BLE library that enables the FLEX sensor to send real-time motion information to a mobile app.

Say hello to MacBrickout, our fun ball and paddle brick bashing game. Catch falling capsules (Avoid the Red X's!), collect the hidden fruits and veggies, control the Umphee, discover the secret of the pearl, enjoy 80 minutes of original music, fill the treasure chest (!!), master the bonus levels, get a high score, graffiti the sand and WIN THE GAME!

Voltage Divider: A handy engineering utility that solves for voltages or resistor values in a common voltage divider circuit. Enter three terms (out of Vin, Vout, R1 or R2) and this app will solve for the fourth term automatically.

Here's a word game we created called, Top-Word. Drag your finger across the letters to spell as many words as you can find before time runs out. Finding words adds time to the timer and extends the game. Get free hints when you achieve milestones. We play it a lot. It's fun!

Ditty Labs has published over 50 apps for iOS on the App Store. Yours could be next!
We also excel at production quality firmware development on a multitude of microcontrollers.
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